Advance Directives are important documents that instruct medical professionals of your wishes when you are not able to communicate. 

Advance Directives (“Living Will”) are legal documents that allow you to dictate your wishes concerning medical treatment. Bender Law offers two important directives: the Advance Healthcare Directive and the Advance Mental Health Directive. An Advance Healthcare Directive would let your doctors and family know whether or not you want treatment (life support) to be withheld or withdrawn, and whether or not you would want artificially provided nutrition (food) and hydration (water) stopped under these circumstances.

Advance Mental Health Directives, also called Psychiatric Advance Directives (or “PADs”), describe what a person wants to happen if at some time in the future they are diagnosed as suffering from a mental disorder, or if they lose capacity to give or withhold informed consent to treatment during serious episodes of psychiatric illness. This document can inform others about what treatment they want or don’t want from psychiatrists or other mental health professionals, and it can identify a person to whom they have given the authority to make decisions on their behalf.

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