Parenting Plans

Parenting plans are addressed in every divorce case involving children. Non-married parents of minor children should also strongly consider obtaining a parenting plan with the help of an attorney.

While many parenting plans may contain similar provisions or schedules, every parenting plan is unique to each family’s circumstances. Additionally, a family with a history of domestic violence, abuse, or chemical dependency issues will likely have a parenting plan that includes certain restrictions to protect the safety and welfare of the children.

There is no standard or cookie-cutter visitation schedule for parenting plans. So when creating a parenting plan, attorneys will specify how the parents are splitting residential care in a manner that best fits that family.

Once a final parenting plan is entered by the court, it becomes very difficult to modify that parenting plan later. That is why each parent should consult with an attorney before the final plan is entered. Contact Bender Law for a free consultation to discuss your parenting plan.

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